Lydd Kart Circuit: Kent's Ultimate Karting Destination
Lydd Kart Circuit: Kent’s Ultimate Karting Destination

Lydd Kart Circuit – A Karting Paradise

Nestled in the heart of Kent, England, Lydd Kart Circuit stands as a karting paradise for enthusiasts of all ages. What makes this circuit truly exceptional? Let’s embark on a journey to discover the unique features that set Lydd apart.

Cutting-Edge Track Technology

At Lydd Kart Circuit, they don’t just promise speed; they deliver it with cutting-edge track technology. The circuit boasts state-of-the-art trackside systems that ensure both speed and safety. From circuit-wide digital flags to real-time radio communications, they keep every driver informed and secure.

First-Class Facilities for All

Lydd Kart Circuit doesn’t stop at offering an exceptional track. The facilities here are top-notch. A modern club building features pristine toilet blocks and a welcoming diner where you can relax and refuel. CCTV surveillance and perimeter fencing enhance safety, making it a haven for karting enthusiasts.

Workshop & Shop – Your Karting Hub

For owner-drivers, Lydd provides an on-site workshop ready for rental on race days. With designated working areas, air-hose lines, and a dedicated jet-wash bay, you’ll have all you need to prepare your kart for action. Plus, an on-site shop stocks common components and tires while offering expert advice and assistance.

Diner Delights

Lydd Kart Circuit elevates your day with a delightful dinner. Whether you crave hot or cold drinks, food, or salads, the diner has you covered. The bright, modern facility offers a warm space to enjoy your refreshments while overlooking the exhilarating circuit. You won’t miss any track action with the elevated outdoor area.

Fastest in Kent

Established in 1993, Lydd Kart Circuit proudly holds the title of the fastest outdoor go-karting venue in Kent and one of the speediest in the entire country. The track’s fast and flowing layout has won the hearts of kart drivers, whether they are owner-drivers or those looking for a thrilling arrive-and-drive experience.

Longest and Most Popular

Lydd’s 1040-meter track is the place to be for karting enthusiasts. It ranks as one of the longest and most popular tracks, making it ideal for both monthly race meetings and thrilling arrive ‘n drive sessions with hire karts.

Karting for Everyone

Lydd Kart Circuit opens its doors to karting enthusiasts of all ages. From kids as young as four years old (subject to height restrictions) to seasoned karting veterans, the track offers a wide range of experiences. The hire kart fleet, which includes Bambinos and senior twin-engined ProKarts, ensures there’s something for everyone.

Where to Find Lydd Kart Circuit

If the allure of Lydd Kart Circuit has piqued your interest, here’s how to find it. Located at Dengemarsh Road, Lydd, Kent TN29 9JH, it’s conveniently accessible to karting aficionados. With a track length of 1040 meters and opening times from 9:00 to dusk, it’s a destination where karting dreams become a thrilling reality.

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